Friday, June 15, 2012

Venomous Purple and Green, Take 2

Happy Friday!

I felt like a real jackhole for neglecting my blog and for my last post being that Venomous fail.  I felt inspired today to do another look with the same shades that better showed off the cool colors... so here it is!


Window light. That speckle under my brow is a scar, it makes brow highlighting extra fun and challenging :)


Zayt's Highway 8 is a purple with green shimmers, and Amazon Rainforest Expedition is a green with a very subtle purple/lavender highlight. I thought it would be fun to wear them together, all matchy-like! Yea, I am one of those dorks that has to match everything I wear, even if I'm just chillen' at home in my pajamas.  Those pajamas still have to match my socks, slippers, flip flops, hoodie, nail polish etc.

I think this look came out quite a bit better than the last one. So now I can go feel a little less like a jackhole. :)

Stuff I used:


*NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk, all over lid blended up to browbone
*Venomous Cosmetics Pressed Shadow in Amazon Rainforest Expedition inner third of lid... also a bit blended onto outer lower lashline
*Venomous Cosmetics Loose Shadow in Zayt's Highway 8 (Dr. Seuss Collection) outer lid and crease, also wetlined onto upper lashline
*Venomous Cosmetics Loose Shadow in Pale Green Pants w/Nobody Inside 'Em (Dr Seuss Collection), blended above crease
*Venomous Cosmetics Loose Shadow in Moon Jelly, to blend out edges of Zayt's Highway 8
*Venomous Cosmetics Pressed Shadow in Box Jelly on browbone and inner corners
*UD 24/7 liner in Ransom on upper & Lower waterline
*Buxom Mascara
*Too Faced Brownies in Blondey


*Prescriptives All Skins Liquid Mineral Makeup in Level 1 Warm Light
*Aromaleigh Glamoured Finishing Power in Triteleia
*Lorac Cheeck Stamp in Hibiscus (discontinued)


*Venomous Lip Poison in Panem (The Hunger Games Collection)

The Dr. Seuss and The Hunger Games collections were limited edition, but Tracy (the owner of Venomous Cosmetics) is really cool about doing custom invoices if you want something from a previous collection.  Check out the store, it just re-opened and not everything is up yet but lots of awesome looking new lip stuff and the Lip Poisons are AMAZING!!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Venomous Look/Fail

As promised I have this look I did last weekend with Venomous Cosmetics.  Too bad these photos majorly suck balls... they really don't do all the cool colors justice.  This did look better in real life, though I didn't give myself enough time to work on this look.... it needed eyeliner for sure. 

Truffula Tuft <3

Looking like a corpse. Eyeliner woulda helped! :(

Stuff I used:


*NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Pacific, all over lid and lower waterline
*Venomous Cosmetics Pressed Shadow in Amazon Rainforest Expedition in crease, outer corner and lower lashline
*Venomous Cosmetics Loose Shadow in Moon Jelly on lid
*Venomous Cosmetics Loose Shadow in Pale Green Pants w/Nobody Inside 'Em (Dr. Seuss Collection) above crease
*Venomous Cosmetics Pressed Shadow in Box Jelly on browbone and inner corners
*Cover Girl Lashblast mascara in Brown
*Too Faced Brownies in Blondey
*UD Brow Gel


*Prescrptives Primer
*Prescriptives All Skins Liquid Mineral Makeup in Level 1 Warm Light
*Prescriptives All Skins Powder in Level 1
*NARS blush/bronzer duo in Orgasm/Laguna


*Venomous Cosmetics Lip Poison in Truffula Tuft from Dr. Seuss collection.  Love this! It is the perfect neutral-ish coral.

Sorry for the Friday Fail.  Next time I will try to manage my time better and get it right. :)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

NTMS Taupe Challenge

Hey everyone!
This was a look I did for a challenge for the facebook group Never Too Much Sparkle. This is my first time doing a challenge.

I love taupes, always have.  They are so versatile and come in so many different cool variations.  I enjoy pairing taupes with more colorful accents, particularly blue.  This is what I did here. :)

Sorry for the crappy photo :(

full, weird face shot
~Stuff I Used:


*Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy
*Fyrinnae shadow in Damn Paladins all over lid
*Geek Chic shadow in The Pointy End in crease and outer corner... Shout out to Arya! <3
*Aromaleigh shadow in Miuccia blended above crease, along edges of The Pointy End
*Fyrinnae shadow in Winter Again on browbone, inner corners and along lower lashline
*Prescriptives Longwear Kohl Liner in Blue Khol, lower waterline and just along upper lashline, extended out a bit along outer corner
*Urban Decay Sabbath shadow from The Black Palette blended into liner
*Prescriptives Lash Builder
*Prescriptives False Eyelashes Mascara in Plush Black
*Too Faced Brownies in Blondey to fill in brows
*Urban Decay Eyebrow Gel (yay I finally got some brow gel)


*Prescrptives Primer
*Prescriptives All Skins Liquid Mineral Makeup in Level 1 Warm Light
*Prescriptives All Skins Powder in Level 1
*Meow Sugarplums Blush in Ballerina
*Fyrinnae bronzer in Matte Light


*Morgana Cryptoria lipstick in Sangria, applied lightly over balm as a stain

My left eyebrow is fudged up with red marks due to a tweezing mishap.  Yea, I suck at brows. :P

Hope everyone is having a good week... and I will be updating again soon as I have another look to share using Venomous Cosmetics. :D

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Another Urban Decay Naked FOTD

This is a look I did last week for a job interview.  I really enjoyed this look, not because I think it's particularly super duper awesome, but it was refreshing to do something nice, simple and neutral.  I've been feeling a bit burned out on super colorful-sparkly makeup shades on my eyes. Don't fret, I'm not losing my love for deh spahkliez...  I'm just feeling that for this lovely spring season I'd like to tone down the louder eye makeup a bit and perhaps focus more on fun colors for lips and cheeks. This may read "boring" to some, but I think change can be nice. :)

Using the "Beauty" setting on my camera :)

~Stuff I used:


*UD Primer Potion
*UD Naked Palette
  Naked all over lid
  Half Baked upper inner crease
  Smog upper outer crease
  Buck lower crease
  Virgin as highlight for brow, inner corner of eye and lid
  Creep to set eyeliner
*UD 24/7 eyeliner in Binge, upper & lower lashline
*Buxom Mascara


*Meow Combination Skin Primer
*Meow Purrfect Puss Foundation in Sleek Siamese
*NARS blush/bronzer duo in Orgasm/Laguna


*UD Lip Junkie in Naked

I was in a hurry while doing this. The application is far from perfect; Though that is the true beauty of these colors.  You really can't go wrong with these shades and they're great to use in a pinch.
Thanks for reading and good day! :)

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Meow St. Patty's Day Swatches, Looks

I just wanted to share this rather pic heavy post showing the swatches and looks I did using (most of) the Meow St. Patty's Day Collection.  I swatched over Urban Decay Primer Potion on my arm; the top row is patted dry and the bottom row is foiled w/water.

L-R: gaelic, leprechaun, shamrock, get lucky, celtic, blarney stone, sun disc, or, lunulae

Rainbow's End Collection L-R: sun disc, or, lunulae

L-R: gaelic, leprechaun, shamrock, get lucky, celtic, blarney stone

get lucky, celtic, blarney stone

gaelic, leprechaun, shamrock

Using the "beauty" setting on my camera :P  This is get lucky on inner half of lid, shamrock on outer half, blarney stone in crease and lower lashline (over UD 24/7 shadow pencil in Mercury) Panache Blush in Pizazz, Fyrinnae Lip Lustre in Very Berry Happy

lunulae on lid, celtic in upper crease, gaelic in lower crease and outer lower lashline & or on inner lower lashline (over UD covet), leprechaun wetlined on upper lashline... whew. Hope that wasn't too confusing! 

taken w/flash
The second look shown here was done yesterday and there wasn't much sunlight out for picture time. 
I am loving the shades blarney stone, lunulae, celtic and gaelic. I'm thinking many of these, Shamrock in particular would prob look better over Pixie Epoxy, I shall try that at some time.  This collection is available on Meow's website till April 1st.

Monday, March 19, 2012

St. Patrick's Day FOTD & a Bathtub Cat Picture

Hey everyone!  I hope you all had an awesome St. Patty's Day weekend!  Mine was good... I went to our local AOH with the family on Saturday to celebrate.  They do the whole corned beef and cabbage dinner thing (which I passed on, yuck) every year.  It was crazy!  It hasn't been that crowded in years, I suppose because it fell on a Saturday this year.  It was cool to get all dressed up in green, see a bunch of friends I haven't talked to in awhile, drink, sing and party with everyone. Good times! :D
This was the look I did.  I was pretty happy with how it came out! I was not as happy with how my pics came out however, lol.

Stuff I used:


~Sugarpill Tako on lid
~Sugarpill Midori in crease
~Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy all over Tako and Midori
~Fyrinnae Electric Stardust over Midori
~Fyrinnae Polar Bear over Tako
~Another layer of Pixie Epoxy and Electric Stardust/Polar Bear
~Sugarpill Tako under brows
~UD 24/7 pencil in Covet on waterline
~Sugarpill Midori over Covet
~Fyrinnae Polar Bear under Covet on lower lashline/tearduct area
~Meow Feliner in Cat Burglar wetlined on upper lashline
~Buxom mascara
~Too Faced Brownies in Blondey


~Prescriptives All Skins Liquid Makeup in Level 1 Warm Light
~Prescriptives All Skins Powder in Level 1 mixed with a little Aromaleigh Glamoured Finishing Power in Triteleia
~Meow Sugarplums blush in Ballerina


~Venomous Cosmetics Lip Poison in Trouble
~Urban Decay Lip Junkie in Wallflower
At first I used the Lip Poison, but thought it was a bit too bright-ish for this look so when it faded I used UD Wallflower instead. :)

And here I give you a picture of my cat Isabelle hangin' out in the bathtub/shower curtains:


I hope everyone has a lovely week! <3

Friday, March 16, 2012

A Couple Random EOTD's

Hello!  I'm back!  Ya know after my team lost the Super Bowl I had to hide out in my cave for about a month and cry myself to sleep every night (not really).
But for realz I just have not been wearing makeup much at all lately.  Sad times.  Anywayz I have a couple EOTD's from back in January that I never posted, so here they are!

Here I am wearing Persephone Minerals Vixxen from the holiday collection.  This one was super duper difficult to photograph!  It has a really awesome pinkish-lavenderish sheen that I tried to capture on camera using different lighting, angles etc.  This was the best I could do :/  I used Silent Night (from same collection) to wetline, and I fail to remember what else.  Sorry.

For this one I used Rhea from the Aromaleigh Mythos collection.  I am very fond of this shade.  If I were you I'd go get one now on sale for $3.  It has a nice glossiness to it when foiled lightly.  Pretty. And I also figured out a little trick for this look!  I've been really wanting Urban Decay's new 24/7 eyeliner pencil in Demolition...I've been waiting FOREVAH for them to come out with a non-glittery dark brown pencil liner.  Since I am broke as hell I figured instead of spending $19 (WTF is up with the price increase UD?! I know it's only a buck more but still..) on a new pencil, I'd use Zero and then Whiskey over that and Ta-dah!!! Dark brown liner.  Aren't I the clever one ;P  Once I run out of those two I'll probably cave and go buy Demolition. But that will take awhile.

I hope everyone is ready to get their Green on tomorrow!  I know I am, been wearing it all week!  HAPPY SAINT PADDY'S!!!! XD