Friday, October 28, 2011


Hello!  It's been awhile... only my third post and I'm already slackin big time.  Fail.  Anywhooo I have a few looks to post here.  I don't remember all the stuff I wore for all of them.. double fail. :/

This one I used Urban Decay shadow pencil in Mercury to line and shadows in Verve (Rollergirl palette), Money (NYC Palette) and Mushroom (Alice in Wonderland Palette) and I believe I was wearing the Lip Junkie gloss in Naked.  Yes, I have a bit of a palette hoarding issue...

Super metallic-y!

This one I'm wearing Fyrinnae in Electric Stardust, which is my absolute FAVE color in the world.  I can't remember what I used as a highlight, I think Shinkirou.

And the next one I used Electric Stardust and  Faerie Glamour together.  Pretty color combo though I wasn't entirely pleased with the application of it, perhaps I could have blended the purple more into the inner crease area.

So that's it for FOTD (or month in this case) for now.  I'll have another one soon since my favorite weekend ever, Halloween Weekend is now upon us! W00t!!  I'm being all uncreative and shit and just going to be a vampire.  I'd like to do something else since I was a vampire 2 years ago and the vampire thing is so over and all that jazz.... but I really like to go all out for my costumes and get tons of awesome stuff but I'm just too broke for that right now(mainly due to my makeup addiction heh) so vampire it is.
Speaking of which...I also recieved 4 new shadows today from the Aromaleigh Astronomical LE Eyeshadow Collection. I have a bit of a thing with outer space related stuff (hence the blog name) and these are on sale for $4 a pop so I simply could not resist these babies. I tried Azimuth out today all on it's own and it is fantastic!  I'll try to get those swatched and posted soon. 
That's all I got for now... HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!! :D