Monday, December 19, 2011

Meow Snowflakes

Today I'd like to show you some Meow Snowflakes.  I only got 2 of them and regret not getting them all. These are easily my favorite from the Meow Holiday collection.  I got samples of Sleet and Snowball.  Love Love Love!

Sleet, Snowball

I placed another order yesterday to get a full sized jar of Sleet and samples of the rest of the collection, along with some other goodies. :)
Here is a look I did w/the Snowflakes.  I was rockin the Ice Princess look:

I love how the frosty eye colors go w/Ballerina blush


Products used:

~Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy
~Meow Snowflakes in Sleet (light aqua with iridescent blue snowflake sparkle) and Snowball (pure white with blue iridescent sparkle)
~Dior Lash Primer
~DiorShow Mascara (which is the most overrated product ever, btw. If you are thinking of purchasing this... please save yourself the moolah and pick up Maybelline Great Lash at your local drugstore)
~Meow Purrfect Puss foundation (I think?) in Sleek Mau
~ Meow Ballerina blush from the Sugarplums collection
~Fresh Sugar lip gloss in Sugar Desire

As mentioned above I liked these luvlies enough to order a full sized jar of Sleet.  I found Sleet to be more of a medium-ish silvery aqua... It is delightful, nonetheless. I was tempted to get Snowball as well but I have soooooo many white eyeshadows w/blue sparkles that are very similar to this.  I have a bit of a white eyeshadow obsession.  I also got full sizes of Ballerina blush (uber pretty wintery light rosy pink) and Silk Ice from the Ice Blossoms collection (I could not resist its whiteness) along with some more samples of Holiday stuff I missed last time.  Meow Meow Meow :D
Me goofin around w/my kitteh Tigger :D

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Meow Cosmetics Merry Mayhem

Happy Weekend before Christmas Weekend!!  So finally I have some swatches of Meow's delightful X-Mass offerings. *Edit: Of course I mean "Holiday" offerings. My bad.* These are the eyeshadow samples I got from the Merry Mayhem collection.  I find most of them awesome and sparkletastic... though I did not care much for Jingle.  Reds are def not my fave...I felt I needed it if I were to get Jangle (the one I used in a look a couple posts down).  It seemed like it would be a nice rich burgundy red, but turned out to be just red red.  Red seems to always look orangy on me and it's not flattering.  And turns out I actually like hohoho better than jangle. Oh Wellz. Meow says that hohoho is "similar to jangle, but without the sparkle".  I don't get this so much. I find them to indeed be similar but both have sparkle and jangle is more of a muted golden green and hohoho more of a vibrant green green.  
If you happened to find me searching for swatches of these bad boys... you have my sincere apologies.  My swatching skills are teh suck as I'm a makeup blogging AND camera n00b so I leave you with a link of Painted's swatches of this full collection.  Hers are much betterer.
But all that nonsense aside, these ones I picked up are very pretty colors.  If you decide to order up some awesomeness at the shop today... it's the last day of their 12 Days of Meow promo 20% off plus free shipping with coupon code "JingleCat".... AND with your purchase you get entered to win stuff... AND today is the last day they will be shipping out orders of sparkly happiness until 1/8/12 so HURRY!!!!!

*Note: I did alter these pics a bit using the software that came w/my camera, but it was in an attempt to make the colors look more accurate to real life.  I don't do this too often, but for these shades it seemed to help.


L-R ring a ling, coal, snowangel, jingle, jangle, hohoho, nice

Backward action: L-R nice, hohoho, jangle, jingle, snowangel, coal, ring a ling

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Persephone and Geek Chic Awesomeness

I got some awesomeness in the mail yesterday! I haven't gotten the chance to play with them too much yet, but I thought I'd share some pics.

Persephone Minerals:
Snowflakes and reindeer and a lil jingle ball w/my sparklies!

I am a sucker for such cute packaging.  Everything was wrapped up securely yet easy to unwrap.

Geek Chic:

Cool packaging and everything here was wrapped up nicely as well.  There was a bit of spillage from some of the eyeshadows, but there are sifters on the jars and they were securely wrapped up in plastic so it was no big deal. 

I'm very excited to play with these! Though I'm going to have to put that off until I'm done checking out the Meow X-Mass collection, as I need to figure out if I want any full size jars before the collection is retired.  I'm gonna try to get some swatches and stuff of those before the end of the week.  So until then, I give you kitteh:

She enjoys my makeup hauls almost as much as I do :)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Quickie Meow EOTD

Here's the eye look I did last night w/some of Meow's new X-Mass collections.  This was my first time testing these out; I ordered a bunch of samples which came in the mail the other day.  I'm hoping to get some swatches sometime this week when there will (hopefully) be some sun here.  For this look I used Serenity (complex tawny silver with a subtle warm silky finish) from the Holiday Wishes Collection and Jangle (deep mistletoe green with bright green iridescence and green, gold and silver sparkle) from the Merry Mayhem collection.  I thought it came out alright...I don't wear much green shadows other than pastels.  Interesting how my eye color looks more greyish in contrast. I believe the blending could use some work.  I'm thinking I may need some new brushes.  I'm really wanting this one.

Products used:

~Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy
~Meow in Jangle
~Meow in Serenity
~UD 24/7 Pencil in Covet
~UD Big Fatty Mascara in Black Cherry (you can barely tell it's there, it doesn't show up much on me)

No full face pics for now, as my skin's been a mess, my eyebrow situation is pitiful at the moment and I'm far too goofy looking in these pics for public viewing :P

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Feliner Swatches

I swatched the Feliners I own from Meow Cosmetics yesterday.  They're pretty cool, though the only one I've actually worn thus far is Krazy Kat... which I seem to have some issues with.  It actually has a lot of pretty sparkle that I just could not get to come out... this color is quirky. Quirky Krazy Kat.  Two of these colors, Cat Claws and Krazy Kat are permanent, Coffin and Grave Robber are part of the Halloween collection, Dance of Death.

From top to bottom: Cat Claws, Coffin, Krazy Kat, Grave Robber

I included the crappy pic above (taken outside in daylight) just cuz it really brings out the bright blue iridescence of Grave Robber, it's quite nifty!
I'm gonna try to play around with Krazy Kat some more, I'm determined to get it's sparkley awesomeness to come through.

Unfortunately I have no cool Halloween stories or pics.  Boooo :(
I did however have an awesome Veterans Day experience.  I went to the New Hampshire Veterans Cemetary with a good friend of mine.  What an amazing day that was!  I happen to be an Army Vet and have never done anything special for Veterans Day before, so it was a very big deal to me.  And I captured this super awesome spectacular shot:

I love the clouds in the backround, it seems to give it a special power.  There was no rain but it was very windy and cloudy.. yet sunny at the same time. It was truly one of those freaky New England weather kinda days, but I found the energy of it to be quite appropriate for the occasion. 
So that's all I got for today.  I haven't done any EOTD's or such things lately as I've just not been inspired... :/     Here's hoping this coming week will bring me some creative motivation.  Peace!

Friday, October 28, 2011


Hello!  It's been awhile... only my third post and I'm already slackin big time.  Fail.  Anywhooo I have a few looks to post here.  I don't remember all the stuff I wore for all of them.. double fail. :/

This one I used Urban Decay shadow pencil in Mercury to line and shadows in Verve (Rollergirl palette), Money (NYC Palette) and Mushroom (Alice in Wonderland Palette) and I believe I was wearing the Lip Junkie gloss in Naked.  Yes, I have a bit of a palette hoarding issue...

Super metallic-y!

This one I'm wearing Fyrinnae in Electric Stardust, which is my absolute FAVE color in the world.  I can't remember what I used as a highlight, I think Shinkirou.

And the next one I used Electric Stardust and  Faerie Glamour together.  Pretty color combo though I wasn't entirely pleased with the application of it, perhaps I could have blended the purple more into the inner crease area.

So that's it for FOTD (or month in this case) for now.  I'll have another one soon since my favorite weekend ever, Halloween Weekend is now upon us! W00t!!  I'm being all uncreative and shit and just going to be a vampire.  I'd like to do something else since I was a vampire 2 years ago and the vampire thing is so over and all that jazz.... but I really like to go all out for my costumes and get tons of awesome stuff but I'm just too broke for that right now(mainly due to my makeup addiction heh) so vampire it is.
Speaking of which...I also recieved 4 new shadows today from the Aromaleigh Astronomical LE Eyeshadow Collection. I have a bit of a thing with outer space related stuff (hence the blog name) and these are on sale for $4 a pop so I simply could not resist these babies. I tried Azimuth out today all on it's own and it is fantastic!  I'll try to get those swatched and posted soon. 
That's all I got for now... HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!! :D

Friday, September 30, 2011


So here is my first official FOTD! So very exciting!  I've been imagining this look in my mind for some time now with Meow Supernaturals collection eyeshadows.  I love these... very pretty, glowy and almost ghost-like.  Soo my style.
Fresh Sugar Lip Gloss is my favorite lip glossIt is not very long lasting as the Sephora reviews will tell you but this is not the point of a lip gloss IMO.  It is super moisturizing, the colors are very pretty and natural your-lips-but-better shades, has a delightful lemon candy flavor and feels so nice on my lips that I do not mind re-applying throughout the day. Luvvvv <3
This is a very typical natural-ish makeup look for me; a little foundation on yucky spots, powder, light glowy eyes, some blush and lipgloss... my "signature" look.  Clearly (hurr hurr getttit!) I need more practice in my photography skillz. Anywayzzz here ya go!

Big Goofy SmileyFace!
 Products Used:

*Prescriptives Flawless Face Primer
*Prescriptives All Skins Liquid Makeup in Level 1 Warm Light
*Prescriptives All Skins Powder in Level 1
*Meow Pink Inc Blush in Dolphin
*Urban Decay Primer Potion
*Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy
*Meow Eyeshadows in Astral Projection, Teleportation, and Psychic
*Prescriptives Longwear Kohl Liner in Blue Khol (discontinued unfortunately)
*Prescriptives Lash Builder
*Prescriptives False Eyelashes Mascara in Plush Black
Fresh Sugar Lip Gloss in Sugar Rush

And my makeup blog FOTD cherry is officially broken! Horray and Happy Friday!!! :D


Well Hello and welcome to my blog! N00b here so bear with me plz :)
I've created this blog mainly for my makeup obsession... I work as a massage therapist and don't normally wear makeup for everyday such things, yet my obsession still has a need to be and so this blog was born!  My favorites are Urban Decay (PRETTY EYE STUFF <3) and Prescriptives (best foundations and skincare evar) and I have recently discovered the wonderful world of indie companies such as Fyrinnae and Meow Cosmetics :D
So to get this out of the way I'm going to show you my no makeup face to give you an idea of my facial features, skin type, blah blah. 

My no makeupz face...let me show you it
 Here I am flaws and all. Pale, oily skin, full face, wide nose and forehead, smallish deep and far apart-set blue/green eyes w/yucky undereye circles and wonky brows due to some scarring and lack of tweeze skillz...yadda yadda you get the picture.
So there you have it!  I plan on posting a FOTD very soon so until then... PEACE!