Sunday, December 18, 2011

Meow Cosmetics Merry Mayhem

Happy Weekend before Christmas Weekend!!  So finally I have some swatches of Meow's delightful X-Mass offerings. *Edit: Of course I mean "Holiday" offerings. My bad.* These are the eyeshadow samples I got from the Merry Mayhem collection.  I find most of them awesome and sparkletastic... though I did not care much for Jingle.  Reds are def not my fave...I felt I needed it if I were to get Jangle (the one I used in a look a couple posts down).  It seemed like it would be a nice rich burgundy red, but turned out to be just red red.  Red seems to always look orangy on me and it's not flattering.  And turns out I actually like hohoho better than jangle. Oh Wellz. Meow says that hohoho is "similar to jangle, but without the sparkle".  I don't get this so much. I find them to indeed be similar but both have sparkle and jangle is more of a muted golden green and hohoho more of a vibrant green green.  
If you happened to find me searching for swatches of these bad boys... you have my sincere apologies.  My swatching skills are teh suck as I'm a makeup blogging AND camera n00b so I leave you with a link of Painted's swatches of this full collection.  Hers are much betterer.
But all that nonsense aside, these ones I picked up are very pretty colors.  If you decide to order up some awesomeness at the shop today... it's the last day of their 12 Days of Meow promo 20% off plus free shipping with coupon code "JingleCat".... AND with your purchase you get entered to win stuff... AND today is the last day they will be shipping out orders of sparkly happiness until 1/8/12 so HURRY!!!!!

*Note: I did alter these pics a bit using the software that came w/my camera, but it was in an attempt to make the colors look more accurate to real life.  I don't do this too often, but for these shades it seemed to help.


L-R ring a ling, coal, snowangel, jingle, jangle, hohoho, nice

Backward action: L-R nice, hohoho, jangle, jingle, snowangel, coal, ring a ling

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