Saturday, November 19, 2011

Feliner Swatches

I swatched the Feliners I own from Meow Cosmetics yesterday.  They're pretty cool, though the only one I've actually worn thus far is Krazy Kat... which I seem to have some issues with.  It actually has a lot of pretty sparkle that I just could not get to come out... this color is quirky. Quirky Krazy Kat.  Two of these colors, Cat Claws and Krazy Kat are permanent, Coffin and Grave Robber are part of the Halloween collection, Dance of Death.

From top to bottom: Cat Claws, Coffin, Krazy Kat, Grave Robber

I included the crappy pic above (taken outside in daylight) just cuz it really brings out the bright blue iridescence of Grave Robber, it's quite nifty!
I'm gonna try to play around with Krazy Kat some more, I'm determined to get it's sparkley awesomeness to come through.

Unfortunately I have no cool Halloween stories or pics.  Boooo :(
I did however have an awesome Veterans Day experience.  I went to the New Hampshire Veterans Cemetary with a good friend of mine.  What an amazing day that was!  I happen to be an Army Vet and have never done anything special for Veterans Day before, so it was a very big deal to me.  And I captured this super awesome spectacular shot:

I love the clouds in the backround, it seems to give it a special power.  There was no rain but it was very windy and cloudy.. yet sunny at the same time. It was truly one of those freaky New England weather kinda days, but I found the energy of it to be quite appropriate for the occasion. 
So that's all I got for today.  I haven't done any EOTD's or such things lately as I've just not been inspired... :/     Here's hoping this coming week will bring me some creative motivation.  Peace!