Friday, March 16, 2012

A Couple Random EOTD's

Hello!  I'm back!  Ya know after my team lost the Super Bowl I had to hide out in my cave for about a month and cry myself to sleep every night (not really).
But for realz I just have not been wearing makeup much at all lately.  Sad times.  Anywayz I have a couple EOTD's from back in January that I never posted, so here they are!

Here I am wearing Persephone Minerals Vixxen from the holiday collection.  This one was super duper difficult to photograph!  It has a really awesome pinkish-lavenderish sheen that I tried to capture on camera using different lighting, angles etc.  This was the best I could do :/  I used Silent Night (from same collection) to wetline, and I fail to remember what else.  Sorry.

For this one I used Rhea from the Aromaleigh Mythos collection.  I am very fond of this shade.  If I were you I'd go get one now on sale for $3.  It has a nice glossiness to it when foiled lightly.  Pretty. And I also figured out a little trick for this look!  I've been really wanting Urban Decay's new 24/7 eyeliner pencil in Demolition...I've been waiting FOREVAH for them to come out with a non-glittery dark brown pencil liner.  Since I am broke as hell I figured instead of spending $19 (WTF is up with the price increase UD?! I know it's only a buck more but still..) on a new pencil, I'd use Zero and then Whiskey over that and Ta-dah!!! Dark brown liner.  Aren't I the clever one ;P  Once I run out of those two I'll probably cave and go buy Demolition. But that will take awhile.

I hope everyone is ready to get their Green on tomorrow!  I know I am, been wearing it all week!  HAPPY SAINT PADDY'S!!!! XD

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